Readmission for sepsis most frequent, most costly (JAMA)

A study from the University of Pittsburgh published in JAMA Online, January 22, 2017 concluded that
“Sepsis is a leading cause of readmission” and
“The estimated mean cost per readmission was highest for sepsis compared with other (medical) diagnoses”.

Authors suggested the benefit of “development of new interventions to reduce unplanned readmission and associated costs”.

The study analyzed the 2013 National Readmissions Database for 30-day unplanned hospital readmissions for acute myocardial infarction (AMI), heart failure, pneumonia, COPD and sepsis.

The conclusions from reviewing almost 1.2 million US hospital readmissions are:

Double rate of readmission for sepsis compared with other major medical conditions:
sepsis (12.2%), heart failure (6.7%), pneumonia (5.2%), COPD (4.6%), AMI (1.2%)

Twice as much spent on sepsis than that on readmission for other medical conditions:
as percentage of cost for all 30-day hospital readmissions:
sepsis (14.5%), heart failure (7.5%), pneumonia (5.5%), COPD (4.3%), AMI (1.4%)